Indo Board Instructor Trainer workshop

Become a nationally recognized Indo Board Instructor. This one-day intensive workshop with Master Trainer, Mary Lou Cerami is for personal trainers or fitness instructors seeking a thorough and in-depth training on teaching their clients or group classes using this innovative tool. Balance training for everyone!

Paddle Intensive for Aspiring Instructors

Interested in becoming a L1 ACA SUP Instructor? Assess your paddling skills in a relaxed and thorough environment. Mary Lou will teach you in depth about all the required SUP manuevers & strokes; including how to paddle forward, turn, brace and stop your board.

ACA SUP Yoga L1 Instructor Course, Friday – Sunday

Take an accredited ACA SUP Instructor course with Matt Hite & Mary Lou Cerami summer 2019. Learn, grow, and achieve the most legitimate instructor certification you can obtain in the SUP industry.

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