What to expect: S.U.P Yoga Classes

What to wear:
Dress to get wet! Any swimwear is appropriate for S.U.P Yoga. Want to wear your yoga clothes? That works too! Just opt for synthetic fabrics. Sunglasses, hats are fine but only if they’re tethered to you. All other personal belongings like bags, purses, towels and shoes can be safely left behind at the hut.

Will I get wet?
Yes. Expect to take a swim or two. It’s part of the fun!

Class cancellations due to strong weather sometimes occur – and the instructor makes that call two hours before scheduled class time. In the event of a cancellation, you will be contacted via txt or phone. Classes are not cancelled for “chance of rain” weather predictions. If we cancel due to weather, you will receive a rain check to reschedule for another date of your choice.

What is the cost?
A S.U.P Yoga class at Montrose beach is $50 for a full 1.5hrs. Save even more Purchase multi-class passes. We offer: Full-on high quality gear rental; a board tailored to you, paddle and leash as well as a PFD (Personal flotation device). Paddle instruction from Mary Lou who is a L2 ACA accredited instructor. This means you are actually going to learn to paddle from a pro and really get why this sport is so closely linked to yoga.

The length of time is important too, there’s plenty of time to really try out those poses you’ve always wanted to. And yes, there’s a Savasana pose at the end!

Where is the class located?

Class is located at Montrose beach, we’ll meet for class and sign up at Kayak Chicago’s beach hut – located right in front of the volleyball nets. Try to arrive 10-15min before class to register. There is plenty of free and paid parking nearby – but this is a very busy beach – especially in the summertime. So arrive early with plenty of time to secure your space – or park less than a mile away on Montrose ave and ride your bike in!


Do I need to know how to swim?
We do ask that you are comfortable in the water and are able to swim. You’ll be wearing a PFD at all times, and will also be tethered to your board with a paddle leash.

Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled class for a full refund. Reschedules are allowed if space is available.

What is the age limit?
12 or older.

Do I need to know how to paddleboard?
No. And you will surprise yourself how quickly you learn how to stand up on your board, paddle in a straight line as well as turn your board. Just paddling your board is an excellent workout. You’ll also find the progression of yoga and balance techniques you learn will get you very comfortable on your board.

This still sounds very advanced. I’m still not sure about this..
As adults, it can be very intimidating to try something totally new. But just like the wonderful philosphy of Outward Bound organization, putting yourself into an unfamiliar setting, like the lake, and introducing a challenge, like S.U.P Yoga, only enacts us to grow. I can tell you it may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done – but anything that involves standing up on water is more than worth it.

See you on the beach!

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the instructor directly. You should get a response within a day or two.

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