Indoboard Yoga

BALANCE CORE YOGA , on the Indoboard
A great way to train SUP anytime!
with Indoboard Fitness Ambassador & Master Indoboard Trainer, Mary Lou Cerami

About this class
The skills necessary to balance on an unstable surface is important for everyone, regardless of current physical ability. Balance training is used to develop better balance and coordination, gain core strength and is widely used for rehabilitation to prevent and heal sports injuries – especially in the ankle or knee. Balance training is a great compliment to your fitness or yoga practice, cultivating holistic health, self-awareness and strength.

By incorporating balance and yoga poses on the Indoboard, you will develop core strength, improve endurance and develop incredible balance skills. While practicing Yoga on an unstable surface we utilize over 85% of the muscles in the body. Take your yoga practice to the next level, Request this class for your group